【Cornelius 30th Anniversary Set】

7/7 (Sun) Tokyo Garden Theater

Open: 4:30pm / Start: 5:30pm

7/13 (Sat) Rohm Theater Kyoto (Main Hall)

Open: 5:15pm / Start: 6pm
INFO: Shimizu Onsen 06-6357-3666 /


*Annotated Tickets (General Admission) 8,000yen (Tax Incl.)
*Annotated Tickets (Student Discount)  6,000yen (Tax Incl.)
SS Seats <Incl., Special Item> 14,000 yen (Tax Incl.) *Lawson Ticket Pre-sale orders only.Sold out!
S Seats <Incl., Special Item> 12,900 yen (Tax Incl.) *Lawson Ticket Pre-sale orders only.Sold out!
SS Seats 11,000 yen (Tax Incl.)Sold out!
S Seats 9,900 yen (Tax Incl.)Sold out!
A Seats 8,800 yen (Tax Incl.)Sold out!
A Seats (For Students) 6,800 yen (Tax Incl.)Sold out!

*Ticket Fees apply to elementary students and above / Pre-school and kindergarten students not admitted
*Student Discounts: On the day of the performance please present your student ID (for elementary, junior high, high school, college and vocational school students).
*Special Item: “Cornelius Live at ICC Kyoto 2023” Cassette Tape (46mins)

Special Item「Cornelius Live at ICC Kyoto 2023」 (Includes a live recording of the “AMBIENT KYOTO 2023 presents Cornelius Dream In Dream Special Live Set” from Nov. 2023).

Public On-sale Tickets: Mar. 30th (Sat) 10am~

Tour goods

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Tickets at Doors
Tokyo Garden Theater
July 7th (Sun) 2024
Doors: 4:30pm / Start: 5:30pm
Pre-sale time for Tour Goods: 12pm - 4pm
Sales will commence during the opening of the venue and after the show.

Rohm Theater Kyoto (Main Hall)
July 13th (Sat) 2024
Doors: 5:15pm / Start: 6pm
Pre-sale time for Tour Goods: 2pm - 4:45pm
Sales will commence during the opening of the venue and after show.

*Sales hours and locations are subject to change depending on conditions on the day of the event.
Credit cards, electronic money (Kotsukei E-money/iD/Rakuten Edy/WAON/nanaco/QUICPay/iD) and QR code payment (PayPay/Rakuten Pay/auPAY/d-payment/Melpay/Alipay/WeChatPay) are accepted for payment. Please confirm at the venue.
Credit card, e-money, and QR code payment may not be available depending on the signal conditions at the venue. In such cases, we may ask you to pay in cash.
Please check your balance and recharge in advance.
Credit cards can only be used for one-time payment.
Credit cards, electronic money, QR code payment, and cash cannot be used in combination.
The number of items is limited. Please note that there is a possibility that the product may be sold out.
We do not accept returns or exchanges except for defective products. Please make sure to confirm that the item is correct when you receive it.
Please be sure to check the items, quantity, change, etc. you purchased on the spot. Please note that we are unable to accept any returns or exchanges after you have left the sales floor.
In the unlikely event that an item is defective, please contact a staff member at the merchandise counter on the day of your purchase.
*Crowding is expected before the show starts. Please allow plenty of time for your visit.
Please note that even during the sales hours, sales may be temporarily suspended or the waiting line at the merchandise counter may be cut off depending on the situation.
Please note that the merchandise sales are available even if you do not have a ticket for the show, but you may be asked to wait in line depending on the conditions at the venue on the day of the show. Please understand beforehand.